About District

Kachchh is an Ancient land; its main history is historical period. It is known as Kachchh due to its Geographical Characteristics and due to its turtle-like shape. This name is in existence in ancient history. Millionths in his Bhashya Sanjivani on Amarkosh has referred to it as moistures land in lower allow or wasteland. This name is found in various water taken by foreign visitors about this region or in stone carvings, bronze carving, old writing or hand written mannscripts. Before rise at Christian era this region situated between Saurashtra and Sindh was described as Abhari, and this name is form in Mohabhaeor also. The Greek visitor and military captain also spoiled the original name of Abhir during second century B.C. and referred it to as Abiriya or Abhir up to third or fourth century A. C. and thereafter also both in names of Abhir and are used. Earlier the Abhir people settled here and hence the region was known as Abhir in earlier period. Because of unique geographical situation with water and wetland around it.

The district lies between the parallels of latitude 22°44’11 to 24°42’25 and the Meridians of longitude 68°09’46 to 71°55’47. It is bounded on north and northwest by Pakistan, on the north-east by Rajasthan state, on the east by Banas Kantha and Patan districts, on the south-east by Surendranagar district, on the south by the gulf of Kachchh and Rajkot district and on the south-west by the Arabian Sea. It is largest district in terms of area and consist longest coast line of about 406 km., in the state. The total area of the district is 45,674 i.e. it covers 23.27 % of total geographical area of Gujarat. 51 percent area of Kachchh is occupied by high saline unproductive desert (Greater Rann of Kachchh-GRK and Little Rann of Kachchh-LRK) and 34.73% of the area is under agriculture. The coverage of forest area is 15.67%. The district has 17.31% of their cultivable land as unutilized land, 21.07% land is waste land. Pasture land forms 3.58% of geographical area. The lengths from north to south of this territory is about 220.32 km and from east to west is about 376.80 km by area.

The coastal area of Kachchh district consisting of Lakhpat, Abdasa, Mandvi, Mundra, Anjar and Bhachau lies in the southern coast area. They share a common boundary on the south and face Gulf of Kachchh. The headquarters of the district is Bhuj.