People of Kachchh

People and Dresses of Kachchh

Kachchh is cultural district of Gujarat which is famous for its Culture. The language spoken in Kachchh is Kachchhiલ Sindhi, Gujarati and Hindi. Kachchh district is inhabited by various groups and communities. One can find various nomadic, semi nomadic and artisan groups living in Kachchh. Gujarati Ahirs constitute a comparatively large group in Kachchh.Many of these have reached this region after centuries of migration from neighbouring regions of Marwar(Western Rajasthan), Sindh, Afghanistan and further.The majority of the population is Hindu and Jain and thus largely vegetarian.

Kachchhi Costumes are unique and some of the embroidered are very costly. The mirror work and embroidery work forms an integral part of Kachchhi Handicrafts irrespective of the community or ethnic group to which they belong , however the workmanship differs. In fact the various communities can be identified by the pattern of handicrafts and dress or costumes they were. For instance, the Garacia Jat women wear only red or black chunis while Rabari women wear black open blouses or cholis with odhnis to cover head.

In the rural areas women wear Chaniya choli during the whole year, Chaniya choli’s are of many designs and fashion. Typical Kachchhi costume is incomplete without ‘Abha’ or ‘Kanjari’. ‘Abha’ is the name of the typical choli worn by women folk and ‘Kanjari’ is a long blouse beautifully embroidered and with mirror work. Most men in Kachchh wear loose trousers, a long-sleeved under-jacket, a short coat,. a plain or silk-bordered cloth. Normally men prefer white clothes except the Muslims who prefer colored clothes.