How to Reach

Kachchh is cultural district of Gujarat which is famous for its Culture. The music which is influenced by Sufi & Folk songs, Instruments like- Bhorrindo, Manjira , Morchay, Jodia Pava & Rava. The language spoken in Kachchh is Kachchhi language. Various handicraft items – Garments Embroidery, Handwall painting, Jewellery items, Wood Carving, Wall Paintings, & many more . Kachchh district is inhabited by various groups and communities. Many of these have reached this region after centuries of migration from neighbouring regions of Marwar(Western Rajasthan). With its notable mud architecture, a medley of craft traditions and exquisite apparel, this eminently colorful and culturally rich land has a wonderful handcrafted feel. Each community has its own oral traditions, dance, craft and dress. Stretching along the Tropic of Cancer, from Rajasthan to the edge of Pakistan and the Arabian Sea, Kachchh covers a little over 45000 sq km and is geographically one of India’s largest and most distinctive districts

By Road

Kachchh is well connected by Roads with major prats of the contry. State transport and private buses available from most the major cities in Gujarat,

State Transport Private Bus operators runs regular service for kachchh from some parts of Maharastra and Rajasthan

By Railway

There are both Meter Gauge and Broad Gauge railway lines in the district. Palanpur to Bhuj Meter gauge line measured about 262 k.m. in length. Mumbai to Bhuj Broad Gauge line is nearly 123 k.m. long. There are 25 meter gauge and 5 broad gauge railway stations in the district. Bhuj, Anjar, Gandhidham, Bhachau and Rapar have Broad Gauge railway lines. There are daily trains from and to Mumbai and Delhi via Ahmedabad as well from Bhuj. Gandhidham, which is about 80 km from Bhuj has weekly trains connecting it several parts of the country including Pune, Bangalore, Trivandrum, etc.

By Air

Bhuj and Kandla are the tow Airports in the Distirct. Kachchh is well connected to Mumbai. Regular flights are operated by Air India, Jet Konnect, Jet Airways, Spicejet and Alliance Air.

Port Connectivity

Deendayal Port, Kandla

Kandla, also known as the Deendayal Port Trust is a seaport in Kachchh District of Gujarat state in western India, near the city of Gandhidham. Located on the Gulf of Kachchh, it is one of major ports on west coast. It is the largest port of India by volume of cargo handled. Kandla Deendayal Port is a a vibrant, world class, multi-cargo port offering services at multiple locations. The Port handled 105.44 MMT of cargo in the year 2016-17

Mundra Port

The mega port at Mundra is major economic gateway that caters to the land locked northern hinterland of India with multimodal connectivity.Mundra Port is a deep draft, all-weather port that is today the largest commercial port of India with a high degree of mechanisation. In fact, it is the only port in the country with handling and storage facilities for crude oil, containers, dry bulk, break bulk, automobiles and liquid cargo. Mundra can berth the largest post panamax vessel and can handle four million TEUs or Twenty feet Equivalent Unit. Strategically situated on international maritime routes, Mundra Port on the Gulf of Kachchh offers multiple benefits for global trade. The Gulf acts as a natural shelter for the port, facilitating 24×7 safe berthing, un-berthing and vessel operations. Mundra Port enjoys logistical advantage in reaching the North-West hinterland of India. This makes it the preferred port for the cargo hubs functioning in the Northern and Western states and union territories of India.

Tuna Terminal

Tuna Terminal handles all types of dry bulk cargo includes coal, fertilisers, minerals, industrial salt and agriculture products. The Terminal has fully mechanised, highly automated dry bulk cargo handling facility with a fully mechanised closed warehouse to handle agro and fertilizer imports. Tuna Terminal, situated in the vicinity of Kandla port, is all weather berthing facility with a deep draft of 16.2 mts. Tuna port enjoys distance advantage to the Central and North-west hinterland of India. This makes Tuna Port an ideal terminal for a dry bulk cargo hub.

Mandvi Port

Mandvi is a fair weather lighter age Port. It is situated on the right bank of river Rukmavati in the Gulf of Kachchh, on the west coast of India. Mandvi Port is an ancient port and ship building center situated at Mandvi. Mandvi Port was an important sea trade post built more than four centuries ago by the Rulers of Kachchh. The port is well known for country craft construction business from ancient time. Traffic is moved by country craft and lighter age vessels at this port.

Jakhau Port

Jakhau is a fair-weather lighterage port situated in Godia Creek, in the Gulf of Kachchh on the west coast of India. Jakhau Port is also one of the oldest ports of Kachchh District. Today, this port is only used for fisher men. Jakhau Port has its own importance. This is a very beautiful Port of Kachchh. There is a centre for coastguard and water department of B.S.F. in Jakhau Port. Jakhau is a minor port frequently visited by small ships loading salt during the fair weather season from Oct to Jan during the year.