Disaster Management

Immediate first response to any disaster has to be from the district administration. Disaster management is a process or strategy that is implemented when any type of catastrophic event takes place. Sometimes referred to as disaster recovery management, the process may be initiated when anything threatens to disrupt normal operations or puts the lives of human beings at risk. Governments on all levels as well as many businesses create some sort of disaster plan that make it possible to overcome the catastrophe and return to normal function as quickly as possible. Disaster management branch is responsible for the Implementation of Disaster Risk Management Program. Its key functions are:

  • Relief compensation of natural disaster i.e. Flood/Earthquake/cyclone/Scarcity
  • Relief compensation of communal right cases/Hearing of such cases indentation of communal tension places
  • Implementing DRM programs
  • Maintain District Disaster Management plan/Taluka Disaster Management plan/City Disaster Management plan/Village Disaster Management Plan with the collaboration of other branches.
  • Providing various Training i.e. EOC Management Training, Search & rescue, first Aid, Early Warning Communication Special Orientation cum Training for Govt. Official/Volunteers/NGOs.
  • School level mock drills for school safety, Various Industrial Unit’s Offsite Mock drills, Various Administrative level Mock drills on checking SPO of level Specific Disaster Management plan
  • DM orientation program in school/collages, Campaigns/rally at various level, Mass Awareness Generation Program
  • SDRN updation Need to update plan on regula basis. Also to update SDRN/IDRN
  • Identification of resources to prepare resources inventory plan and communication plan.

Important Contact for District Emergency Operation Centre

Toll Free Number of District Emergency Operation Centre +91 2832 1077
Designation Phone Number Fax Number Emai id
Disaster Mamlatdar 02832-250923 02832-224150 dismgmt-kut[at]gujarat[dot]gov[dot]in
District Project Officer 02832-252347 02832-224150 dismgmt-kut[at]gujarat[dot]gov[dot]in