District Municipal Office (DMO) functions as per the provisions of the Gujarat Municipality Act, 1963 which includes Administrative as well as supervisory control over Municipalities of the district under the overall supervision of the Directorate of Muncipalities, Gandhinagar. Moreover it plays cardinl role in implementing urban devlopement schemes and policies of Government at municipality level and guide municipalities in the matters of legal administrative and developmental relevance.

Key Functions

  • Annual inspection/audit of Municipalities of the district.
  • Suppervision and Control over the chief officers of Municipalities.
  • Monitoring an Inspection of Municipalities under Section – 257 of Gujarat Municipalities Act, 1963.
  • Review of resolutions passed by the Municipalities as per section 258 of Gujarat Municipality Act, 1963 and Section 6(B) of The Town planning Act.
  • Maintain Service Books Of Chief Officers, Sanctioning leaves, Arrangemant for charge, Traing etc.
  • Submit vigilance referances to The Directorate of Municipalities Gandhinagar.
  • Any Other work ordered / instructed by the Directorate of the Municipalities, Gandhinagar.