About a 20-minute walk southwest of Hamirsar lake, through open areas that no longer seem like you’re in the city, are the royal cenotaphs (memorials to those not actually buried there and, in this case, not buried at all but cremated). It is built of red stones. “Chatarrdi” in local language means Umbrella. Here you will see a number of Royal umbrellas which are constructed by royal kings to protect and provide shade to the dead royals Many of the monuments are in ruins due to earthquakes, but those of Lakhpatji, Raydhanji II and Desarji are still quite intact. The site is very quiet, out in the middle of a field, not surrounded by buildings, and is very peaceful in morning or evening, though in the middle of the day it can be quite hot under bright sun.

These chatarrdi are built in 1770 AD to glorify the tombs of the Royal family. It has polygonal shape with intricately carved roofs and may balconies. Some of the impressive and largest tombs are of Rao Lakha Rao Rayadhan, Rao Desai and Rao Pragmal.

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    Chatardi Side View
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    Chatardi Full View
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    Chatardi Small Part Side View

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